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Here at CodezAcademy we are an independent training provider where we offer corporate training and other such services to organisations to up-skill your work force in a variety of digital sectors. We currently focus these in Robotics, Web-Development and computer literacy training in the latest software. We know that when it comes to Business our employees are the key ingredient to a successful business. So if your workforce is in need of fresh skills or simply a boost in their productivity, Be sure to give us a call and arrange a meeting to discuss the type of training you will require and all the fine details.

Available Courses


We will teach you all of the core skills you need to build a modern, colourful and interactive website. We implement three main languages: CSS, HTML and Javascript. We also teach illustration and design through Adobe Suite. The course covers many aspects from problem solving to embedding to give you as broad an understanding of web coding as possible. The aim is that by the time you’ve completed the training segment, you will feel confident and competent enough to build an entire website and be able to continue developing and practicing your new-found skills.


With the rise of Automation Robotic systems are becoming an ever-increasing part of the digital industry. With our Robotics course, we will train your employees to create processes that will cut down man hours in data-handling and reduce the human error of that such data. Robotic process automation (RPA) can help you transform and streamline your Business, which in turn will allow scalability and flexibility once the system is created.

The Benefits of Automation:

  • Wide-range automation: Robotics speeds up and executes with perfect accuracy processes in many Industry Fields.

  • Rapid ROI: one software robot has the ability to replace and outperform 3 workers.

  • Enterprise scalability: Robotic systems are highly flexible and can scale a virtual workforce with reduced induction time. Any additional robotic systems can be deployed quickly with very low costs.

  • Powerful analytics: The robot has the ability to gather data with agility and accuracy. Which can offer great insights into many aspects of your business.

The overall objectives of the Training are as follows:

  • Web Development: To give you a thorough grounding in front-end development through coding and design.

  • Robotics: To provide you with an understanding of the RPA industry, how it's grown, and where it's going. We'll also show you how it can benefit a number of companies in a wide range of industries. On top of this we can train you to develop in a number of RPA software tools. Seasoned RPA developers can offer you their insight into the industry and offer examples of solutions to real world automation problems.

  • These Courses are created to help teams and buisnesses get more out of their time at work and to become more productive.

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Feedback & Course Suggestions

We would love to hear your feedback/ Thoughts on the courses we run and the courses you would like us to run. So if you feel like your employess are needing a ceratin boost in skills in a certain Digital area, Then Please do get in touch and let us know. We will try our absolute best to be able to accomodate your request and work towards making it happen.

If you would like to get your business involved, contact us on
02920 098495 or email us at learn@codezacademy.co.uk

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