#Meet the Team

Meet The People Behind Codez!

Dean Jenkins - The Boss

Dean Jenkins(Founder and Tutor) Dean is an accomplished coder and web developer, with past experience working in Learna , an educational business partnered with the University of South Wales. Having gained the relevant experience he left Learna to start his first business, Creative Pod Design. Here he specialised in making professional, bespoke websites for companies including Canada Lodge and Lake and Swansea University. His passion for teaching motivated him to expand the company, creating Codez Academy as a product of Creative Pod Design. The combination of his digital skills and experience in the education sector is a perfect blend to deliver the Codez Academy courses. Dean has also gone on to fund Digital Roots, an organisation that has been set up to help develop and improve digital skills across Wales.

Josh Waite - Junior Developer

Josh Waite joined our team late October 2016, Coming off one of the course run by Codezacademy as a training provider on the Get Started with Apps programme set up by the Princes Trust. On the course Josh showed great potential, being punctual every day and eager to get into the work, working well with his team taking a leadership role. All of this was exactly what CodezAcademy was after and Josh hasn't looked back since. Now he is a Junior Web developer working on clients websites ensuring the best quality and customer satisfaction, With all the skills he has learned since joining he is now tutoring others in the subject and finds this reinforces his own knowledge and enlightens his students.

Jayne Jenkins - Digital Manager

Jayne came on board to codez Academy during the middle of 2017 to take up the role of Digital Manager, She has gone on to become a valuable asset to the company, Organising meetings and gaining clients as she has previous experince running a very successful Wedding venue the skills she has bought with her have proven valuable over and over again. She not only does the admin for our company she also gets involved in tutoring offering our students insightful information on marketing and dealing with customers.

Newbies to Codez

Sophie Loxton - Apprentice Designer

Sophie joined us in May 2017, we recruited her off a course that was run by Codez Academy called get into digital that was set up by the Princes Trust. Throughout the course, Sophie showed lots of enthusiasm and showed many skills that we were looking for. Sophie is now a junior web designer and helps with the designing of websites as well as designing logos for clients. Sophie has grown so much since being a part of the team and we hope that she continues growing and learning while she is with us.

Partners and Sponsors

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Caerphilly Council
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