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Here at CodezAcademy we are an independent training provider where we offer teacher training in coding and technology to those teachers feeling abit out of touch with one of the fastest and ever growing tech industry. The particular areas we focus on are Web-Development, Graphic Design, and the use of python based Scratch systems such as Tynker. We have developed the training to apply to the National Curriculum at Key stages 2 and 3 ensuring that you are learning skills that are applicable to your classroom as well as skills that compliment the curriculum and giving you a broader understanding of the topics so you feel completely comfortable safe in the knowledge that you have the necessary skills to share with your students.

Educational Stage


At Primary School level, Being able to choose the right words and explanations of coding and working with computers can be rather difficult with what may seem to be a whole new language of abbreviations and Syntax, That's where we can help out offering training on how to work around this so the student can get the best possible start to their digital lifestyles. With the new Digital Competency Framework a whole new set of compulsory skills to be taught in school are going to be introduced so get prepared today.

For Primary School Teachers we will tailor the course to where the skills gap in your school falls, So please get in touch and have a chat to discuss where you need improvement or just to keep up to date with the ever changing Digital Environment.


At Secondary school level, With an ever increasing digital footprint on todays young learners its easy to see that the young learners can sometimes seem to know more then the average teacher as they use technology every single day. With the new Digital Competency Framework set to be introduced in September 2018, we are aiming to get out and prepare the teachers across Wales and the Uk with the essentials skills apart of the framework. Outline of things to expect on the course are:-

Digital Citizenship:-

  • Your online presence and the impact that it can have through out life, Keeping an online safe-space and being able to identify risks and possible unwanted behaviour and the online resources/platforms on offer.

Digital Interaction and Collaboration:-

  • This Section we will show you the most wide range and common software, be that in Interaction such as web based platforms like social media and Collaborating on pages such as GitHub and Asana work flow platforms and the wide range of practical uses in the business world.

Producing Digital Assets:-

  • Planning sourcing and Creating, SO this section will start off with the best Platforms for inspiration and defining reliable sources and being able to differentiate between a bad source and a good one, this may seem simple yet can be very tricky. Once all resources are gathered we move onto planning and the various options available at producing a thorough plan of action and the possible steps to take to end up at the Creation phase to produce a great digital product be that Web-Development, Graphic Design or Digital Marketing. Finally the tools and tips you will need to evaluate the product and finding possible further development plans for improvement.

Data and computation:-

  • Problem solving and Data Analysis and how data can define and assist in problem solving across the digital sector, As data becomes an ever increasing asset to Many Big Corporations and governments across the world and the importance it carries. Taking data and making useful information in the form of info-graphics and understanding the data Literacy. Again we will show you the most useful platforms and online resources available for everyone to use.

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Feedback & Course Suggestions

We would love to hear your feedback/ Thoughts on the courses we run and the courses you would like us to run. So if you feel like your employess are needing a ceratin boost in skills in a certain Digital area, Then Please do get in touch and let us know. We will try our absolute best to be able to accomodate your request and work towards making it happen.

If you would like to get your business involved, contact us on
02920 098495 or email us at learn@codezacademy.co.uk

If you are looking for more information on this then head over to our Corporate training page by following the link below

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